“I consider myself blessed that my three grown adult children, my husband, and myself have a compassionate, knowledgeable, and
committed health care provider like Cheryl in our health care arena. Her services have been invaluable in maintaining my families optimal health throughout the years, especially important during these last fifteen years when insurance coverage has become more and more sketchy and less inclusive. The nutritional products, weight management insights, biofeedback and Reiki have been a part of my family’s self care practices from the preventative end of the health continuum all the way to the healing end of the wellness spectrum. My family’s health would not be where it is today if it were not for the tender loving care of Cheryl’s expertise. Everyone needs Cheryl in their health tool box!” Kate H.

At the time I went to see Cheryl, I had been struggling with severe, disabling stomach cramps on and off for more than a few years. I had tried traditional medicines without relief. I didn’t know anything about nutrition response testing, but was ready to try anything to alleviate the pain. Cheryl was very kind, easy to talk to, and explained things so I could easily understand. Through her extensive knowledge, she was able to suggest the best plan of action for me and helped me to rid myself of the stomach pain I had suffered from for such a long time. Anita K.

The common signs of adrenal fatigue are: difficulty winding down, short tempered, focusing on one task for too long, feeling overwhelmed..etc..

I know, because I had it. It was a year after my 3rd child and I had post-partum depression. Luckily for me, I was guided to see a nutritionist. With muscle testing & proper whole food supplements (Standard Process) I was able to turn around my post-partum depression within two months!

Flash forward five years and my 7 year old has been struggling at school. He gets overwhelmed easily & finds it difficult to focus. When I ask him what is going on he conveys his frustration. But the key is that he gets overwhelmed by little tasks or two or more small tasks being assigned to him. He thinks that it is too much to accomplish so he feels that he is letting himself and his teacher down which is affecting his self-esteem too.

I took him to see Cheryl Simchick this past weekend (btw – my baby sees her too). Honestly, I wanted her to test if he was gluten & dairy intolerant. Additionally, to see if anything would pop up about his self-esteem. I also had a hunch about his adrenals.

What I learned is that he is not ADHD, he isn’t a poor student, he is simply a child who has weak adrenals. I am betting that within 1 month I will have a completely different child in my house! Also, he is NOT gluten or dairy intolerant! (YAHOO – why put a kid on a special diet if that is not what his body needs).

This is an example of the many gifts Cheryl has given my family. Using applied kinesiology, she muscle tests and pin-points exactly what is not functioning 100% and is guided on how to resolve the disharmonies in your body.

I truly value her techniques as it helped guide me to listen to my body and my children’s bodies. This has worked for me for over 5 years. It is funny, people ask me “how do you do it? (raising 4 kids & running a business)”… my response is, “Vitamins! I take the vitamins that are right for me & my body”.