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Heart Song Healing Center Mission

Heart Song Healing Center, LLC is committed to working with you using holistic methods for your wellness, health, and vitality. I look at the body as having an infinite wisdom inside of it and your body knows how to heal and repair itself.

My goal in working with you is to insure that your body is adequately nourished with the building blocks to facilitate a healthy healing response. Besides insuring your correct diet for your individual needs I also work to insure that you are not being poisoned by something in your environment.

Methods include: Nutrition Response Testing, Eating Psychology Coaching, and Reiki. Standard Process supplements are available.

Call me today to begin your journey towards health and wellness.

Disclaimer: Cheryl Simchick and Heart Song Healing Center LLC DO NOT give medical advice, diagnose, prevent or treat disease, or prescribe medication. I encourage my clients to improve the quality of raw materials entering and leaving their body. For medical questions please consult your primary care physician.